What is the gx16 connector and its usage?

Electrical connectors are electromechanical connectors that are used to generate an electrical connection between different appliances, cables, and electrical circuits. These are considered quite effective connectors for power supply. The g connectors are the most useful electric connectors that have different ranges for performing a specific type of interlinking between electrical circuits. You have the options to choose the best connector including gx16 connnectos.

Applications of gx16 connectors

A gx16 connector has a frequent number of applications. It is used frequently for electrical connections between wires and cables, aviation, navigation, data accession, anti-theft device, computers, communications, mechanical appliances, and automotive. It comes in a set that includes a male chassis connector and a female cable plug. This set is also named an aviation plug.

Pin and colors of gx16 connector

The gx16 connector pins are the proportion of male connector that is used to plug into the female connector. These pins are used for the power supply between the equipment. The gx16 connectors generally come in different ranges of pin counts including;

  • gx16 connector 1 pin
  • gx16 connector 2 pin
  • gx16 connector 3 pin
  • gx16 connector 4 pin
  • gx16 connector 5 pin
  • gx16 connector 6 pin
  • gx16 connector 7 pin
  • gx16 connector 8 pin
  • gx16 connector 9 pin
  • gx16 connector 10 pin

The gx16 connector comes in a wide range of colors. The most frequently used color options of gx16 connectors are silver, black, white, and golden. It also comes in purple, light blue, army green, red, brown, navy blue, yellow, and brass color etc.

Important features of gx16 connectors

The gx16 connectors possess distinctive features that make the customers purchase them. Some of its important features are mentioned as;

Electric conductivity

A gx16 connector possesses a stable electrical conductivity capacity. It provides a continuous way for the electricity to flow between two wires, cables, or any electrical equipment for introducing the interconnect.


The g series connectors including gx16 connectors is a waterproof electric connectors. This feature makes them suitable for outdoor electric connection applications. It can effectively build an electrical connection between two pieces of equipment in a wet environment that includes rain, humidity, and pressurized water.

Safe and reliable

It is a very safe and reliable connector. It carries low voltage and effectively meets the needs to connect low voltage equipment. This feature of the gx16 connector makes it safe to use for interconnection. Its fine finish makes it highly stable and reliable.

Low Voltage

The gx16 connectors carry low voltage values and are suitable for interconnection between the equipment or cables that carry low voltage. This property of the gx16 connector makes it used frequently for microphone connection. These are also known as micro connectors.

Bottom Line

The gx16 connector is no doubt a useful electric connecting equipment. It is a well-demanded connector among all series of connectors. There is a wide variety of gx16 connectors available on the Alibaba website at wholesale prices. It comes with fine quality and excellent performance capacity.



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